Leave Me Alone will be an episode where Paula keeps asking Toot for help but keeps replying "leave me alone".


Paula: Toot! I need some help. Can you come out of your shed?

Toot: Go away. I'm having a rest here.

Paula: {gasps} W-w-w-w-what did you just say to me?

Toot: Leave me alone so I can get some peace and quiet.

Pop: Hello Paula! You look like you've been having a bad day ahead.

Paula: I know, Pop. Toot keeps telling me to go away.

Pop: {gasps} Toot would never do that! He's your friend!

Paula: I know he is my friend. It looks like that he isn't me friend anymore!

Pop: Don't cry.

Toot: (opening one eye) Huh?

(shed door opens)

Toot: Pop! I haven't seen you in a long time!

Paula: Nice to see that we are friends again!

Toot: Um, let me think. No.

Paula: WHAT? You like Pop more than ME?!

Toot: Yes, but go away.

Pop: Who, me?

Toot: Don't be silly Pop. Not you. Paula.

Paula: Why do you want me to go away?

Toot: Because you are stupid.

Paula: (sobs) You've hurt my feelings now!

Toot: I don't care!

(A big argument comes and Marge tries to stop it)

Marge: Stop arguing! What's the problem, Toot?

Toot: Marge, it's only you. You see, the problem is: Paula keeps bossing me around with jellyfish. I hate those things. Go away!

Marge: Do you really want me to go away?

Toot: Who, you? No! Never.