Toot the Tiny Tugboat: The Movie is an upcoming film
Toot the Tiny Tugboat Movie Poster

First teaser poster

presented by Disney. The film's title is "From the producer of Finding Dory and Planes comes an all-new movie about a tugboat.". It will be released in 22 January 2016.


A sunny day ahead in Tootingtown and Toot was busy working all day. One day he overheard the Harbour Master speaking on the phone saying that he is going to send him, HP and Paula away! So, they equip some spy gadgets to rescue Pop from Count Boatula.


Toot the Tiny Tugboat Theme Song

Octopus' Garden

Ocean Blues


Homesick Toot, Paula & HP

HP's Cool Gadgets

Count Boatula


Pop Needs Help


  • The film was originally going to be released in late 2015, but was not finished yet. It made a pushback to 22 January 2016.


John Hasler will continue to voice Toot.

Osian Gatehouse

Menna Spittle

Emma Tate

Duncan Wisbey